“KRAN” Charitable Foundation story … Why was it established?

For all these hard years of the war we were searching for a Charitable foundation (in Ukraine and abroad), that would endeavor to provide charity aid for treatment & rehabilitation of the “neglected” grave patients with central and peripheral nervous system disorders in Ukraine! Primarily, for the cure of Warriors of Ukraine (participants of the Anti-terrorist operation (ATO), of the socially unprotected civilian persons, orphans, children from low-income families, children with disability, persons with no relatives, those, who require the treatment and specialized medical rehabilitation (first of all, restorative treatment and neurorehabilitation).

However, no such a fund was found… And therefore, KRAN Charitable Foundation was created. KRAN that pulls the most severely wounded, injured, sick out of despair and hopelessness, “get them on their feet”, without tears and pity, by the power of Faith and Love, with faith in the value of every human Life.

Our charitable foundation is “young” (created in September 2017), dynamic in making decisions for timely resolving various problems and tasks. It is ambitious, as it faces the challenge to help those, who the state medicine considers “unpromising” patients with gross disability, without a single chance to Live, not to mention the dignity of a Person, undergoing a difficult and long path of recovery, moreover, a revival of the Soul and body, a return to his relatives, the dearest ones, primarily, to himself, as a Person.

“KRAN” Charitable Foundation is based on the principles of volunteering and partnership, on the unity of Values ​​and the acceptance of the most difficult challenges where everyone has already disappointed in despair.

“KRAN” Charitable Foundation not only collects donations, but first of all, creates a circle of like-minded partners: legal entities and individuals in Ukraine and abroad, all those, for whom social responsibility is a need and a way of thinking, and creation through CHARITY.

The generosity is a reflection of the spirit. The real ambition is to be able to give, be able to help others, creating real social influence.

“KRAN” Charitable Foundation supports “technological” intellectual medical projects. The Fund contributes to the development of the Ukrainian medicine, the presentation of Ukrainian doctors’ achievements to the world, promotion of the “Doctor” status in Ukraine.

Join by supporting charity programs and projects of the”KRAN” Fund through your ACTIONS!

“KRAN” Charitable Foundation carries out its activity, providing charitable aid, in the following ways, namely:

  • Addressed financial, material or other assistance to individuals within the framework of “The restorative treatment, physical rehabilitation and specialized intensive neurorehabilitation of the wounded participants of the antiterrorist operation (ATO) Charity Program.
  • Fundraising of charitable donations, purchasing and donating of specialized equipment and other material and technical resources for the providing medical assistance within the framework of “The support, strengthening, equipping with the material and technical base, promoting and providing material, technical resources for charitable projects implemented by specialized medical institutions of the neurological, neurosurgical and neurorehabilitation profile, of any ownership, which are accredited by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and carry out their activity for the last 5 years minimum, primarily in Kyiv and Kyiv region”.
  • Funding of charitable target programs, scientific projects in medicine (primarily, neurosurgery, rehabilitation and neurorehabilitation).

Піднімемо! Найтяжчих! РАЗОМ! (We will get the most gravely injured on their feet)

Note: As of January 1, 2018, 17,726 charitable foundations were registered in Ukraine. Of these, about 1000 funds are active in charity. 43% of charitable foundations provide charitable help in the health care sector.