300 W(omen)
300 W(omen)
Project №4: BE POWERFUL at 300 W(omen)

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Мода, як простий спосіб говорити про складне

Fashion as an easy way to talk about the complicated

EХISTENTIAL FASHION ERROR fashion show in support of “Be powerful at 300 W (omen) charitable project. “Fashion as an easy […]

Співпраця БФ "КРАН" та Japan Tobacco International

The cooperation of “Kran” Charitable Fund and Japan Tobacco International

REHABILITATION of the ATO combatants with charitable support of socially responsible companies: The cooperation of “Kran” Charitable Fund and Japan […]

Протидія COVID-19 разом з ACER

FIGHTING COVID-19 together with ACER

On April 26, 2021 “KRAN” Charity Fund in cooperation and with generous financial donation made by ACER, purchased and handed […]

G-EO System Evolution запущено в клініці «Нодус»

G-EO System Evolution device was launched at “Nodus” clinic

WE DID IT! On February 18, 2021 a G-EO System Evolution robotic-assisted gait rehabilitation biofeedback device was successfully launched at […]

Разом в 2021!

We move forward in 2021!

Dear partners, friends, our reliable supporters! About HUMANITY in the pandemic year – a year of losses, sorrow, mutual support […]

Протидія covid-19 - допомога медикам

We help medics in their fight with COVID-19

On December 24, 2020 “KRAN” Charity Fund together with 44 Training Centre handed over personal protective equipment (PPE) to Kyiv […]

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