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Катерина Балютова

New CEO of the KRAN Charitable Foundation

On February 1, 2024 Kateryna Balutova, a new CEO of the “Kran” Charity Fund, became the Chairman of the Board. […]

Нодус - грудень 2023

“KRAN” Charitable Foundation – Summary of 2023

“The time when hearts shine in the darkness” ⭐️ Serhiy Zhadan In these photos, the youngest defender of Ukraine is […]

ЯПОНСЬКИЙ ТЕАТР PLAYBACK AZ збирає донати на апарат для відновлення ходьби важкопоранених захисників України

The PLAYBACK AZ Japanese Theatre has been fundraising to restore walking of the severely wounded defenders of Ukraine.

Theatre during the war acts for the sake of Life. The Playback AZ 劇団プレイバッカーズ Japanese theatre has been fundraising for […]

З Днем Гідності та Свободи!

The Day of Dignity and Freedom!

“Fate does not smile on slaves” Lina Kostenko Dignity and Freedom are profoundly linked. Without Dignity, there is no Human. […]

Благодійний захід UA BE (Ukrainian Army of Business Empaths)

UA BE (Ukrainian Army of Business Empaths) Charity event

Today Olga Tkachenko, tireless in helping the Ukrainian army and the wounded, organized an incredible charity event in the Business […]

Благодійному Фонду “KРАН ” - 6 років!

“KRAN” celebrates 6 years!

Today the “KRAN” Charitable Foundation celebrates 6 years! This THANK YOU! is not for me personally, it is a THANK […]

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