Svitla Systems is a proven software development company and testing provider, offering a wide range of services, from web/mobile applications to Big Data, IoT, eCommerce and UI design.
Founded in 2003, Svitla Systems is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with sales and development offices throughout the US, Mexico and Europe (Ukraine, Montenegro and Germany). If you are looking to scale up your technical team quickly, we are your trusted local partner.

The IT Ukraine Association was founded in 2004 by leading IT-companies of Ukraine – Miratech, Mirasoft, ProFIX, SoftLine, SoftServe and Ukrsoft. During the years of operation, the Association has become the largest community of service IT-companies in Ukraine.
Today the Association includes 58 leading Software Development companies, which collectively account for 50% of the total revenue of the industry in Ukraine.

Michurin is a full-service creative agency specialized in advertising campaigns based on the well-planned strategy and bright creative implementation.

AdBakers is the relationship marketing agency. It means we are here to bring your brands closer to your consumers. Looking for the intersections where brands meet consumer needs.
Choosing moments when attention aperture is wide enough to let our message in. Leading to the shortest path to purchase. Creating retention aura to make them stay.

ITerator is a complete partner through design, development, implementation and after-sales-services. We build our business on our expertise, IT systems development and hardware components.
ITerator serves retail stores, restaurants, hotels and entertainment industry, logistics and manufacturing industry, distribution centres and warehouses, with complete information management solutions including software, hardware, enterprise systems integration, consulting and support.