Нодус - грудень 2023

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“The time when hearts shine in the darkness” ⭐️ Serhiy Zhadan

In these photos, the youngest defender of Ukraine is 22 years old, the oldest is 56. They are our “Leopards” and “Highmars”, it is their courage and steadfastness, bravery and love, faith in Ukraine, and true patriotism that did not allow the enemy to destroy us all: in the trenches and the cities, day and night, all over Ukraine. Honor to every Defender of Ukraine! We are all alive, first of all, thanks to them, not only to modern technological weapons.

On behalf of the “Kran” Charitable Foundation, I THANK ALL the dear, reliable, determined, effective partners of the Foundation for all your efforts, generous donations, understanding, moral and emotional support, compassion, and care. Together, we helped the doctors of the Nodus clinic in this difficult, bloody, exhausting year of 2023 to restore the health of our brave soldiers lost in the war through specialized neurorehabilitation. People and companies in Ukraine and abroad were caring for our heroes, supporting and helping them without giving up.

10 companies from various business sectors, as partners, helped us to bring our Heroes back into service during the year.

The “Kran” Charitable Foundation paid UAH 18,577,922.00 for the restorative treatment and specialized neurorehabilitation of 29 wounded defenders of Ukraine at the “Nodus” clinic in the framework of the charity project.

Among them is Oleksandra Lysytska, a combat medic who was seriously injured when a drone hit the station where she worked.

Проект №4: БУДЬ ПОТУЖНОЮ НА 300 W(omen)

In 2023, the “Kran” Charitable Foundation raised UAH 24,635,340.00, of which UAH 4,966,400.00 was allocated to establish, furnish, and launch a modern “School of Physical Therapist” with the direct assistance and support of Epam Systems.

Administrative expenses of the “KRAN” Charitable Foundation for the year – UAH 24,402.89 – 0.1%.

I THANK YOU and hug every one of you: Olena Hryn, Serhiy Rozhok, Dmytro Yakymets, Lillia Okolnycha, Yulia Zavalishyna, Oksana Olshana, Olga Tkachenko, Olesya Kyrylchuk, Katerina Zasoukha, Kateryna Balyutova, Jana Dömkes, Nataliya Nikitenko, Svitlana Horbach, Svitlana Savchuk, Ksenia Harbuzyuk, Tetiana Bulaienko, Natalia Tsuman, Oleg Strekal Sr, Zoreslava Medical Equipment, Anton Filkevych, Viktoria Kopotiy, Lyubov Yudenko, Nataliia Zadorozhna, Viktoriya Drobovych, Nataliia Koliadko, Alevtina Skorozhenok, Anna Metelska, Roman Kazanko.

THANK YOU! Artem Polishchuk for his professional, constant, long-term assistance in supporting the activities of the “Kran”.


As long as the flag of Ukraine is raised over the heads of our children, we have a future and our country.

Do not give up!

Glory to the Heroes! Let’s bring Victory closer TOGETHER!

Inna Danchenko
Director of the “KRAN” Charitable Foundation

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