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“Kran” is the only specialized charitable foundation in Ukraine that provides assistance in the field of neurorehabilitation, applying modern rehabilitation technologies.

Since September 2017 “Kran” has been helping the “Nodus” clinic to “raise a wounded soldier to his feet” and bring back to fulfilling life invincible, though injured and traumatized, Ukrainian warriors in the framework of the Nodus charity project.

In this way we THANK for the defense and for our future in the independent and liberated Ukraine.

Since February 24, 2022 49 wounded defenders of Ukraine underwent restorative treatment and specialized rehabilitation at Nodus.

The youngest soldier is 21 y.o.

138 men are waiting to be treated at Nodus.

We help restore health and heal wounds of brave Ukrainian soldiers, using advanced rehabilitation technologies, knowledge and invaluable experience of the Ukrainian medics.

We have been doing this during the years of war and these horrible months of the open invasion of russia in Ukraine. We are able to do this together with our dear partners and friends – the people and companies, that are not indifferent to the sacrifice of health and life of the Ukrainian defenders.

All together WE are a powerful, steel KRAN (means “crane”) that lifts the impossible with a Dream in our heart.



Support now - anyone can help
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