Благодійному Фонду «КРАН» виповнюється 4 роки

On September 12, 2021, the KRAN Charitable Foundation celebrates 4 years!

Since its foundation, the purpose of “KRAN”‘s activity remains the same – in partnership with caring people and companies to help restore the health of severely injured, traumatised defenders of Ukraine in their homeland, not abroad!

We do this in partnership with “NODUS” Neurological & Neurosurgical Rehabilitation Research Centre in the framework of the Charity Project.

In times of pandemic, war, difficult economic circumstances, public apathy to help wounded soldiers, we keep going Forward and do not abandon those in need of our help.
Together we are strong and our joint efforts, trust in each other, faith in the Cause we do, make the Incredible possible!

It takes guts, and efforts and your HEART ❤️ to help!