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Charity evening to support a fundraising to buy a robotic-assisted device to restore walking in gravely injured ATO soldiers

On March 3, 2020 a Charity evening with participation of Katya Chilly, an incredible Ukrainian singer, was held at Urban Space 500. The event was attended by the women, who have already donated and those charming guests, who wanted to learn more about this charity initiative and to join.

Petro Shvydkiy, the ATO veteran, a soldier of “Chernihyv” battalion, and Olena Mosiychyk, a paramedic, a volunteer, The Peoples’ Hero of Ukraine were our honorable guests. They told us their own stories of tough war experience and long treatment & rehabilitation after sustaining injures. Petro overwhelmed the audience with his heart rendering story of his challenging recovery over 6! years after spinal cord injury, about his “battle” to raise on feet after being half-paralysed. Both ATO heroes have been undergoing specialized rehabilitation & treatment at NODUS Neuro-rehabilitation centre in the framework of “Nodus” Charity project for gravely wounded ATO combatants.

Olesya Kyrylchuk, a volunteer, one of those , who launched “Be powerful at 300W(omen)!”charity project, made a presentation of the project, explaining more in detail why Ukrainian Women, determined to accept the challenge and to act, as “300 Spartans”, can unite in order to buy a robotic-assisted device to restore walking. In this way they can help Ukrainian doctors bring back “on feet” those, who require and undergo protracted restorative treatment & specialized neuro rehabilitation in Ukraine, applying the most advanced rehabilitation technologies.

On April 4, 2019 “KRAN” Charity Fund launched «Be powerful at 300W(omen)!» fundraising project in the framework of the Charity program on treatment & specialized rehabilitation of gravely wounded ATO soldiers.

300 women shall be involved in fundraising the money to buy a specialized rehabilitation equipment. 25 December 2020 is the fundraising deadline. Each woman is expected to donate 1000 Eur (in UAH) to fundraise 300 thousand Eur in total to acquire G-EO System Evolution robotic-assisted gait rehabilitation device.


Full contribution of 1000 Eur may be made by regular installments.3000UAH is a minimum donation amount to support this charity project.

«300 W(omen) is the energy of 300 Ukrainian women, a women’s powerful partnership helping Ukrainian warriors to get back to fulfilling life in Ukraine.»- Inna Danchenko, Director, “KRAN” Charity Fund, said.

  • 53 active Women from various industries and countries have supported the project so far. Their donations come from Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Canada.
  • 35 women have made full donation of 1000 Eur.
  • As of March 8, 2020 1 248 407 UAH fundraised.
  • We address to successful Ukrainian women to join us in our great Cause! of gratitude to the defenders of Ukraine.

G-EO System Evolution will help Ukrainian doctors to “raise on feet” many such soldiers, as Petro. Together we will lift them from a wheelchair and shorten the lengthy period of time required to restore walking over years of restorative treatment & rehabilitation.
Over the last 6 years more than 30,000 people have been injured, 40% of all injures were head traumas. Since August 2014 until now 270 gravely wounded soldiers, chaplains, volunteers, children of the ATO combatants have been cured in the framework of Nodus Charity project, implemented by Nodus clinic in partnership with “Kran” Charity Fund.

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Support now - anyone can help
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