Павло Познанський

«I believe that I will stand on my feet and will start walking» – the patients say here. The “NODUS” clinic in partnership with the “KRAN” Charity Fund and the “EPAM Ukraine” company help gravely injured, traumatized defenders of Ukraine restore natural walking.

In 2022 this company donated app. 3 million UAH for restorative treatment & specialized rehabilitation of the wounded in the framework of the charity project for the defenders of Ukraine.

Neuro-rehabilitation is a complicated and long restorative process. However, the rehabilitation time can be shortened thanks to the advanced technologies used, tailored rehabilitation programs and vast practical experience of the Nodus medical team. To return to a fulfilling life instead of crutches or wheelchairs.

«We do not buy wheelchairs! We apply the most advanced efficient rehabilitative technologies in order to restore the health of our warriors in Ukraine, not abroad. In the beloved Ukraine, they are bravely fighting for» – “Kran” Charity Fund.

Anybody can support wounded soldiers.