МАРАФОН, який ніхто не хоче бігти

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November 21, 2021 – The Day of Dignity and Freedom

43,744 km – the area of all occupied territories.
44,000 fallen and wounded in the war with Russia since 2014.
1,500,000 internally displaced persons.

Today participants of the “Be Powerful at 300 W” charity project ran a “Marathon that no one wants to run”, initiated by Nova Poshta, under such numbers.

We ran to remind the whole world, and above all the Ukrainians, of the war in Ukraine, to support our warriors who are fighting in eastern Ukraine now, in memory of the fallen defenders of Ukraine, and to draw attention to the most severely wounded, those who need specialized medical care and rehabilitation.

This is what our charity project “Be Powerful at 300 W” is about. Our goal unites those who care about the fate of gravely wounded soldiers.

We have to raise 88,650 euros to pay for the G-EO System Evolution robotic device to restore walking to those fighters who are confined to a wheelchair after injuries.

83 women and 11 companies have already made their donations, and we have paid 201,450 euros.


TOGETHER we can do more!

Support now - anyone can help
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