Мода, як простий спосіб говорити про складне

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EХISTENTIAL FASHION ERROR fashion show in support of “Be powerful at 300 W (omen) charitable project.

“Fashion as an easy way to talk about the complicated.”
Oksana Karavanska, designer

Fashion is the way of self-expression, expression of feelings and dreams and an attempt to say something important.

On May 20, 2021, an unusual social event took place in the UNIT.City innovation park – a fashion challenge from Oksana Karavanska, the most creative designer of Ukraine and Ksenia Umanska, a textile designer.

To draw community attention to the extraordinary “Be powerful at 300 W (omen)” charity fundraising to purchase a GEO-System Evolution robotic-assisted device to restore walking of gravely injured defenders of Ukraine in the framework of Nodus charity project.

The bright social event and a press conference of Oksana Karavanska, the famous Ukrainian designer and Inna Danchenko, the Director of “Kran” Charitable Fund stirred an interest of many, drew attention to the important charity project and expanded the circle of powerful Ukrainian women, joining their efforts and funds to acquire an advanced specialized rehabilitation technology to raise brave warriors from wheelchairs.


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