THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart

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Dear partners and friends, reliable, inspiring, unbroken!

On March 1, 2022 141 russian missiles were launched to hit cities and towns all over Ukraine.
On March 5 I wrote “HELP UKRAINE NOW!” post on the website of the “KRAN” Charity Fund.

On the same day I waited for a train from Lviv at the Kyiv railway station. I had to collect a parcel with medical supplies sent for the “Nodus” clinic, on my request, by Sabina Yanushevichute. I remember this gloomy day with lead grey sky, freezing wind, wailing air raid sirens, and the whole compartment of a train hostess was crumbled with parcels for the Main Military hospital in Kyiv.

And then the frenzy of the following days and months: humanitarian medical aid (medicine, medical supplies, surgery suture) that was coming from different countries (Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France, Switzerland) in order to help the Nodus doctors’ team to cure injured and traumatized as a result of heavy shelling and explosions.

THANK YOU! Катерина Савицька, Helen Kuznechikova, Олександра Нікітіна, Андрей Неленсон. Besides, with Helen Kuznechikova we helped hospitals in Kyiv and Zaporizhya providing them with 4 portable IVL (intensive lung ventilators).

During all these terrible months of the russian brutal invasion, that burnеd our spring, summer and autumn, turning them into an endless horrifying February, people and companies – partners in Ukraine and abroad have been tirelessly helping us.

18 companies from Ukraine, USA, Spain, Italy and a Playback theatre from Japan!

Thanks to these donations we were able to continue in partnership with Nodus clinic our important social charity project of specialised rehabilitation of the wounded defenders of Ukraine.

“KRAN” paid 10 694 793,35 UAH for treatment & specialised rehabilitation of wounded and traumatised soldiers and Ms Viktoriya Andrusha, a Ukrainian teacher from Brovary, after she had spent almost 6 months in russian captivity and returned to Ukraine, on exchange of prisoners in August 2022, and required rehabilitation to recover after the horror she survived.

For the period of February 25 till December 31, 2022 74 people received free of charge treatment & rehabilitation in the framework of our charity project for the defenders of Ukraine.

Besides, 1 765 500 UAH was donated by “KRAN” to cover the needs of the 24/7 First Aid Mobile Medical Unit set up by the Nodus medics on February 25, 2022 to help civilians and military, injured, traumatised as a result of heavy shelling, bombing and explosions, to help during evacuation of people from temporary occupied territories of the Brovary district.

In 2022 “KRAN Charitable Foundation raised 12 451 293, 35 UAH of financial charity aid to recover the health of wounded soldiers and help civilians suffered during the russian large-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This would be impossible without your great support in such hard circumstances and limited availability of all resources.

TOGETHER we stay hard in the rear. Shoulder-to-shoulder. We keep our resistance strong against the enemy, despite everything that may happen.


Олена Грин, Gintautas Dirgela, Юлія Завалішина, Оксана Ольшана, Ольга Ткаченко, Olesya Kyrylchuk, Serhiy Rud, Tetiana Bulaienko, Катерина Савицька, Дмитро Ануфрієв, Олег Стрекаль, Катерина Балютова, Olga Timontieieva, Svitlana Savchuk, Зореслава Медичне Обладнання, Олена-Катерина Гарбарук, Viktoria Kopotiy, Nataliia Zadorozhna, Lyubov Yudenko, Ksenia Harbuzyuk, Khrystyna Hnatyuk, Антон Фількевич, Маргарита Ващенкова, Тетяна Карпінська, Людмила Кузьменко, Ганна Підгорна.

Grateful to Artem Polishchuk for the professional pro bono support of “Kran”CF for many years!

In dark times the saviors are those, who do not become tired of carrying the Light.

Together we bring our Victory closer!

Glory to Ukraine!

Inna Danchenko
Director of “KRAN” Charitable Foundation

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