Буєвич Андрій - березень 2023

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On its birthday, the “Hammer” Company made a “gift” to itself – a significant donation for the rehabilitation of a seriously wounded soldier, Andriy Buyevych, in the framework of the Charity Project for the Rehabilitation of Wounded Defenders of Ukraine.
THANK YOU! to the company for its continued support of our important social project.
Together we bring heroes back to the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

The “HAMMER” company:

Today is our birthday – we are 27 years old!

27 years of a company that knows exactly what it wants and where it is going. 27 years of planning, executing and implementing bold ideas. 27 years of building a strong team. On this important day, we decided to make a gift to ourselves – a generous donation.

A donation for a great cause – the rehabilitation of a Ukrainian hero! We encourage each and every one of you to join our fundraising! Our long-standing partners – the “KRAN” Charitable Foundation and the “NODUS” Clinic – started this journey back in 2014, and in 2022 we joined them.

We thank all the doctors for the neurorehabilitation of our heroes.

In the video below, you will see that no matter how difficult the path of our military is, it will be followed. But we can make it easier with our support.
We wish our hero Andriy Buyevych good health! We assure you that we will continue to follow our mission to help those who defend us all.

Video source: Rada TV channel.

Support now - anyone can help
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