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THE FUNDRAISING started on April 4, 2019!

Purpose: to acquire a G-EO system robotic device for gait (walking) rehabilitation (Switzerland)
Beneficiary: NODUS Scientific & Practical Neuro-rehabilitation centre
Cost: 320 000 EUR
300 000 EUR – the discounted price in view of the charitable purpose of purchasing of this equipment in the framework of the Nodus Charity Project implementation.

  • April 4, 2019 – fundraising is started



  • transfer money to the bank account of the Charitable Foundation “KRAN”. Purpose of the transfer – Charity donation for purchase of G-EO Evolution;
  • share the information about the Nodus Charity Project for restorative treatment & rehabilitation of severely wounded people and the aim of acquisition of this equipment. Sharing this important information in social networks will enable more not indifferent people to learn and help us with this DREAM;
  • make a Nodus Charity Project presentation for those interested in rendering financial support. Such a presentation will give more information about possibilities of sucessful treatment of gravely wounded people in Ukraine.

The G-EO System is the world’s most advanced robotic-assisted device in gait rehabilitation. It is the only device that offers the unique feature of realistically simulating climbing stairs and can be operated by one therapist only.

With the use of this system it is possible to restore:

  • Walking (gait) in the much shorter period of time;
  • Individual gait pattern, climbing stairs inclusive;
  • Walking! Not just moving lower limbs.

To bring back mobility and independence of a person in everyday life.

Advantages of G-EO Evolution over other rehabilitation devices for restoration of walking:

  • only one rehabilitation therapist is needed to work with the patient;
  • setting up the device in a shorter time for individual walking options for each patient;
  • a knee support module is available;
  • walking option on the stairs, up & down.

The use of G-EO Evolution in a Tailored Rehabilitation Program for a patient makes restoration of walking more intensive, effective in a shorter period of time.

The purchase of this device will give the opportunity to offer a highly specialised rehabilitation for another 50 wounded Warriors of Ukraine from a “waiting list” of 696 men as of October 2018.

We bring the Joy of the active Life TOGETHER!

Support now - anyone can help
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