Project №3: A surgical operating table for Brovary Multi-profile Clinical Hospital

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Purpose: to acquire a surgical operating table
Beneficiary: Brovary Multi-profile Clinical Hospital

  • 10 January 2019 – a Purchase Contract signed
  • 10 January – an advance payment of 30 000 UAH paid
  • 14 January – a new hydlaulic operating table PAX-ST – D delivered to Brovary Multi-profile Clinical Hospital (operating room #2, Surgical Dptm)
  • 23 January – a balance payment of 23 350 UAH paid

* The full price of the hydraulic operating table – 68 355 UAH. The supplier offered a significant discount (UAH 15,000) in view of the charitable purpose of this acquisition.
The cost of medical equipment paid by the KRAN Charitable Foundation in the framework of the Nodus Charity Project for gravely injured ATO&UFO fighters is 53 350.00 UAH.

12 people, who share the Charitable project values, have provided financial assistance to purchase this medical equipment.

Thank you for making this happen! Dear Partners of Charitable Foundation “KRAN”!

The new year has just begun, and we continue to work with you, implementing charitable projects, helping the most gravely wounded defendants of Ukraine get back to Life.

On January 14, 2019, a new surgical operating table was transferred to Brovary Multidisciplinary Clinical Hospital.

This hospital, headed by the Honored Doctor of Ukraine, Mr Valentyn Bagniuk, has been helping to treat & restore the health of gravely wounded ATO & UFO fighters from various regions of Ukraine, and not only Kyiv region, for all these hard years . Moreover, this hospital in 2014 became the first reliable partner in the implementation of the private-state partnership in order to create and develop a harmonised recovery route for Ukraine’s wounded warriors in the framework of the Nodus Charity Project. Thanks to such an effective daily cooperation for all these years it has become possible to bring back the most “hopeless” maimed and injured soldiers back to Life.

In 2019 we continue to raise funds for targeted financial assistance for individual specialized neuro-rehabilitation of defenders of Ukraine within the framework of the Nodus Charity Project .

Join us! Invite your partners – people and companies of high Values and willingness to Act and Help!

DO not give up!

Support now - anyone can help
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