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“BE POWERFUL at 300 W (omen)!” charitable project



Since the beginning of the war in eastern Ukraine in 2014 (ATO) and after 24 February 2022, when the Russian army openly invaded Ukraine, the number of military personnel wounded in the fighting has increased to almost 120,000, and civilians – to almost 18,000. The war continues: targeted rocket attacks, bombing, mining … – an incessant firewall on the part of the enemy against military facilities and civilian infrastructure throughout Ukraine. Unfortunately, there are wounded every day.

The warriors with central nervous system damage, who are in need of specialized neurorehabilitation, find themselves in a difficult situation.

Being aware of the necessity to help recover these brave men in Ukraine, on April 4, 2019 “KRAN” Charitable Fund launched a fundraising campaign to buy a GE-O System Evolution (Reha Technology, Switzerland) a robotic-assisted device to restore walking of severely wounded ATO veterans and servicemen, who undergo treatment & rehabilitation in the framework of the “Nodus” charity project.

As long as 300 Ukrainian women were to be involved in this unusual charity initiative, the fundraising project is called “Be Powerful at 300 W(omen)!”

Our charity project is not just about buying a robotic device to restore natural walking, but about not being indifferent, about the value of those who returned from the hell of war.

The war is still going on, the number of wounded has been growing, wounds and injuries have become more dangerous and difficult to cure. But we do not give up and unite our efforts and guts to keep our frontline in the rear – in our hard fight for the health of brave Ukrainian defenders.

In this way, we would like to show the potential of women’s solidarity with those mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, who support their gravely injured men, upon their return home from the battlefield. We are willing to help Ukrainian warriors rise from a wheelchair and get back to active social life.

Initially, there were 3 of us, now there are 147 people in Ukraine and abroad (Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Spain) and 18 companies that made their donations and turned the Dream of many severely injured defenders of Ukraine – to raise and get rid of a wheelchair and restore walking. In Ukraine, not abroad!

It is especially worth noting that the project “Be Powerful at 300(W)omen!” is supported by companies and people in faraway Japan. The Japanese playback theatre AZ from Yokohama has already held three performances “Dreaming of the Comfort of Home” and transferred the money for the tickets as donation to the “KRAN” Foundation’s account to pay for this robotic device. The Party Band from Japan held a charity concert to support the wounded in Ukraine and donated money as well for this rehabilitation equipment. In addition, Japanese and Ukrainians living in Japan, gather for weekly demonstrations and raise funds, some of which were transferred to the Foundation as a contribution to pay for the G-EO System Evolution.

In view of the charitable purpose of the acquisition, the cost of GE-O System Evolution i 288 000 Eur. On September 10, 2020 “KRAN” Fund made an advance payment of 100 000 Eur to the equipment supplier. The first payment was made thanks to the women who supported our charity project with their donations.

On February 18, 2021, the G-EO System Evolution robotic device was launched at “Nodus”!

Olexandr Olenchuk , a 26-year-old ATO veteran, who had been undergoing specialized rehabilitation for free in the framework Nodus Charitable Project since October 2016, became the first Soldier to get on this device from a wheelchair. An unforgettable moment! Get on your feet from the wheelchair and make a step and make another step forward… on his own feet again! Tears in his mother’s eyes. Tears of joy.

After the russian large-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 a lot of military and civilians, who received injuries and traumas, started addressing “Nodus” for treatment and specialized rehabilitation.

In the video, Mykola, a 31-year old paratrooper was wounded in March 2022 in the Kherson region. In a battle he received a severe gunshot wound to his left leg with broken bones and a gunshot wound to his left shoulder. Within the framework of the charity project, he restored walking “training” on the G-EO System Evolution gait restorative robotic device according to the tailored rehabilitation program at “Nodus”.

In the video, Victor, a 42-year-old fighter, injured both legs in May 2022 in Bakhmut on a combat mission during an enemy air raid. He required specialized rehabilitation of walking.

In the video, Serhiy, 50 years old, father of three children, who returned to Ukraine from Sweden in February 2022 to defend Ukraine against russia, suffered a severe knee injury in July 2022 on the Eastern frontline, and after completing surgical treatment in a military hospital needed specialized rehabilitation to restore full mobility of the injured leg. He came to “Nodus” on crutches. On February 17, 2023, he successfully completed a long-term (almost 3.5 months) rehabilitation using modern rehabilitation technologies and can now walk and move without pain.

Underwent specialized, technological rehabilitation, the fighters returned to the ranks of the Armed Forces to defend Ukraine!

From February to the end of 2022, 32 wounded soldiers underwent gait rehabilitation on this device.

This is our Victory in restoring the health of wounded Ukrainian soldiers.

Thanks to our efforts and the donations fundraised before the Ukrainian wounded military have this rehabilitation opportunity in Ukraine now.

We are able to do this Together! The device is already working at Nodus. Seriously injured soldiers are able to restore normal walking faster, thanks to advanced technology in the hands of the talented, experienced medical team of NODUS – the partner clinic of the “KRAN” Charitable Fund.

In 2023 we fundraised and paid 23 720.00 Eur for this robotic device.

In 2024 our aim is to fundraise 40 793.18 Eur to pay the full cost of the equipment (288 000.00 Eur).

Now more than before we need YOUR support to pay for the device in full! We are going forward with the fundraising!

JOIN & DONATE to the charity project you will be proud of!

  • A donation of 1000 EUR (in UAH or EUR) made by a woman entitles her to see her name and face on the “Be Powerful at 300 W(omen)!» commemorative Poster, that will be placed next to GE-O System Evolution robotic device at Nodus clinic, upon successful completion of the fundraising.
  • The donation of 1000 Eur (in UAH or EUR) may be made by installments within a year.
  • 3000 UAH is the smallest donation to participate in “ Be Powerful at 300 W(omen)!”

PLEASE DONATE following the bank details (for the donations in EUR):

Account: UA813223130000026004000038008
Code of bank: 322313
Bank’s address: Ukraine, 03150 Kyiv, 127 Antonovycha Str.
Correspondent Bank: Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Vienna, Austria
Acc.No: 001-50.087.824
Beneficiary’s Name: “KRAN” Charitable Foundation
Company’s address: Ukraine, 04108 Kyiv , apt 15, #64 Prospekt Pravdy
Code of Company: 41589079
Purpose of payment: charity donation to purchase GE-O System Evolution rehabilitation equipment

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You can also donate in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Swiss francs (Please write us for further bank details to make this payment). The fundraising status will be regularly updated here and on the “Be powerful at 300 W(omen)!” Facebook page.

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