Over the past 5 years more than 24 000 people have been severely wounded in hostilities in Ukraine. 40 % of injures are head injures. People with a central nervous system damage, who are in need of a specialized neuro-rehabilitation, find themselves in a difficult situation.

On April 4, 2019 “KRAN” Charitable Foundation, a social investment fund, has launched a fundraising campaign in order to buy a G-EO System Evolution – robotic assisted device to restore walking of gravely wounded ATO veterans, who undergo treatment and rehabilitation in the framework of the Nodus Charitable project at NODUS Neurological & Neurosurgical Rehabilitation Research Centre.

Expected project implementation period: April-December 2019

Cost of a G-EO System Evolution manufactured by Reha Technology is 300 000 Eur. An official distributor in Ukraine – EuroMedProject.

We invite to join us those, who CARE, primarily the Ukrainian businesswomen, to support this social impact investment project with a significant contribution and become powerful at 300W!

  • A donation of 1000 Eur (in UAH or EUR) made by a woman, entitles her to see her face on an Exclusive “300W – to heroes of Ukraine” Poster, that upon successful implementation of this charity project will be placed next to G-EO System Evolution robotic device at NODUS clinic.
  • 3000 UAH is a smallest donation amount to participate in «300 W» project.

Make your donation: following the bank details (for donations in UAH):

Account UA683223130000026006000039920
MFO 322313 
Recipient : «KRAN» Charitable Foundation
Company Registration No : 41589079
Purpose of donation: donation to purchase G-EO System Evolution medical equipment.

The fundraising status will be regularly updated here and on a FB.

808 168,37 UAH and 795,20 EUR fundraised by November 20, 2019.