Проект №4: БУДЬ ПОТУЖНОЮ НА 300 W

Over the past 6 years more than 30 000 people have been severely wounded in hostilities in Ukraine. 40% of injures are head injures. People with a central nervous system damage, who are in need of a specialized neuro-rehabilitation, find themselves in a difficult situation.

On April 4, 2019 “KRAN” Charitable Foundation launched a fundraising campaign to buy a G-EO System Evolution – robotic assisted device to restore walking of gravely wounded ATO veterans, who undergo treatment and rehabilitation in the framework of the Nodus Charitable project at NODUS Neurological & Neurosurgical Rehabilitation Research Centre.

Expected project implementation deadline: 25th December 2020

Cost of a G-EO System Evolution manufactured by Reha Technology is 300 000 Eur. EuroMedProject is the official importer of the equipment in Ukraine.

“Be powerful at 300 W(omen)!” is a fundraising empowered by the synergy of 300 women, who will help Ukrainian doctors to raise Ukrainian wounded heroes from wheelchairs.

We invite to join us those, who CARE, primarily the Ukrainian businesswomen, to support this social impact investment project with a significant contribution and become powerful at 300W!

  • A donation of 1000 EUR (in UAH or EUR) made by a woman, entitles her to see her face on an Exclusive “300W – to heroes of Ukraine” Poster, that upon successful implementation of this charity project will be placed next to G-EO System Evolution robotic device at NODUS clinic.
  • The full amount of the donation may be made by installments on a regular basis by the deadline.
  • 3000 UAH is a smallest donation amount to participate in «300 W» project.

Make your donation: following the bank details (for donations in EUR):

Account: UA813223130000026004000038008
Code of bank: 322313
Bank’s address: Ukraine, 03150 Kyiv, 127 Antonovycha Str.
Correspondent Bank: Raiffeisen Bank International AG, Vienna, Austria
Acc.No: 001-50.087.824
Beneficiary’s Name: “KRAN” Charitable Foundation
Company’s address: Ukraine, 04108 Kyiv , apt 15, #64 Prospekt Pravdy
Code of Company: 41589079
Purpose of payment: donation to buy G-EO SYSTEM EVOLUTION medical equipment

The fundraising status will be regularly updated here and on a FB page – “Be powerful at 300 W(omen)!”

Status of March 1st, 2020:

  • 50 women from Ukraine, Poland, Canada, Switzerland, Austria supported our charity project
  • 33 of them donated 1000 Eur
  • 1 144 105.57 UAH fundraised

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