Щедрий вівторок в Україні - 1 грудня 2020

In the framework of the global #GivingTuesday charity movement.

On this very special day we invite you to support with your donation a very important Cause – a Charity project on treatment & rehabilitation of severely wounded defenders of Ukraine. Your donation is valuable for us and will help us cure and bring back to fulfilling life heroes in Ukraine.

Over six years our warriors are holding the peaceful sky over our heads, at the cost of superhuman efforts, their health and lives. We have the honour of serving our brave defenders, helping the talented Ukrainian medics of “Nodus” clinic cure them. Nodus Charity project was started in August 2014. As of today 284 people (military men, soldiers-volunteers, chaplains, civil volunteers, children of the АТО veterans) received highly specialised treatment & rehabilitation in the framework of this project. 683 people are “on the waiting list”.


WE SINCERELY THANK YOU! for your generosity at these challenging times!