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“KRAN” Charitable Foundation – the social investment Fund celebrates the 2-year anniversary on September 12th, 2019!

For the second year of charitable activity the Fund provided targeted financial assistance of 770 713.25 UAH to 6 people (ATO veterans, a military chaplain, a child of the ATO veteran), who received and have been undergoing a restorative treatment and tailored highly-specialized rehabilitation at the NODUS Neuro-rehabilitation centre in the framework of the Nodus Charitable project.

Medical equipment purchased for the amount of 112 547.90 UAH: a surgical operating table delivered to Brovary Multi-profile clinical hospital, a cardiomonitor – to the NODUS clinic.

Charity assistance rendered by “KRAN” for the 2nd year of its activity amounted to 883 261.15 UAH.

For TWO YEARS of work our charitable foundation provided targeted financial assistance for the amount of 2 222 248, 30 UAH to restore health of 14 people (ATO combatants/veterans, military chaplains and children of ATO combatants/veterans).

Donation of specialised medical equipment cost 501 491,90 UAH.

In cooperation with partners (companies and people) in Ukraine and abroad “KRAN” fundraised and spent on charity assistance in the field of specialized neuro-rehabilitation 2 723 740,15 UAH.


THANK YOU ALL for support of our Cause, for your trust, mutual understanding, our partnership based on high values and proactive thinking, reliability and high results of our synergy actions!

Sincere gratitude to the NODUS team for your professional approach in providing efficient medical assistance to severely traumatised “hopeless” wounded warriors of Ukraine, for your invaluable contribution and conscious social activity in the hard times in Ukraine.


Since April 4, 2019 “KRAN” Foundation has been implementing a “BE POWERFUL at 300 W(omen)” social investment project in order to purchase a G-EO System Evolution – a world’s most advanced robotic assisted device in rehabilitation of walking. We are to fundraise 300 000 EURO to buy it.

As of September 16, 2019 we have fundraised 474 937,87 UAH і 795,20 EUR.
JOIN and be ONE of US implementing such a powerful social impact investment project in Ukraine.

WE RAISE the most severely traumatised & wounded TOGETHER!

Director Inna Danchenko

Support now - anyone can help
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