Women's Partnership Forum

On May 29, 2019 “KRAN ” Charitable Foundation participated, as a Partner, at the 10-th anniversary Women’s Partnership Forum, organised by the “Business Ukrainian Women” NGO. We shared information of the “Women – to Heroes of Ukraine” charitable project with the charming participants of the event. The activity of the “Business Ukrainian Women” community is aimed at developing spirituality, national conscioucness, cultural values and increasing social activity and responsibility in our society.

Ukrainian women are active, courageous, determined. They implement charitable projects in various fields, thinking beyond stereotypes and moving Forward. Such women are embodyment of powerful social initiatives, developed and implemented, through combined resources and efforts.

Ukrainian business women create with Faith and Love, expand the circle of effecient women’s partnership for the sake of changes for the better in Ukraine.

We are grateful to Nataliya Kolodnytska (Netovkina) for the invitation to be part of this celebration of the Ukrainian Womankind!

Thankful to charming Snezhana Yegorova for the gracious jubilee presentation!