«Я мама троих сыновей, и для меня этот проект не про войну, а про жизнь»: украинки о стремлении помочь бойцам

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Stories of five women, who have made their contribution to rehabilitation of gravely wounded warriors.

“KRAN” Charitable Foundation provides charity support in treatment and specialized rehabilitation of gravely wounded and traumatized defenders of Ukraine, those with impairments of central and peripheral nervous system. In partnership with NODUS Neurorehabilitation centre the Fund helps restore health of warriors after severe brain and spinal cord injures.

An acquisition of G-EO System Evolution robotic-assisted device for gait rehabilitation is an ambitious goal of this year. This state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment will help Ukrainian physicians lift Ukrainian gravely injured soldiers from wheelchairs and restore their natural walking.

The cost of the device is 300 thousand Eur. This sum of money is to be fundraised by 300 women in the framework of the «Be powerful at 300 W(omen)!» charity project. Five women have already made their donations and told us about their motivation to support this charity initiative.

HR & organizational development Director

I have deeply been touched by the core idea of this charity project. A brother of my husband one year and half was at the front-line of the war, and we were helping him as much as we could. Now it is of prime importance to help wounded warriors, as long as they have been doing their utmost for six years of war, so that our children and we could live peacefully.

I realized, that it is possible to do unreal things with the like-minded, who share the same values and willingness to act. To save one life is very important, and if there is a unique opportunity to make a contribution to bring our wounded men back to fulfilling life, you make the only right decision – to support this noble charity project.

Business coach

This charity project is very important now, while there is a war wage and our soldiers suffer from severe injures.

That is why I was instantly ready to join this cause. I realized what the incredible thing can be done by women’s community.

It is about our solidarity and powerfulness when we streamline our efforts in one direction.

Alyona Bondar
entrepreneur, СЕО & co-founder of Wellbeing Company

Everyone has own challenges, however, our distress is common – the war, that has changed life of all Ukrainians. It is an honor to support our warriors, and I am grateful for this opportunity.

This charity project proves that in any situation there is Hope, care and kindness.

Auditor of a private company

I am mother of three sons, and for me this charity project is not about war, but of life and recovery.

I am quite an active person and well aware how difficult such situations are for our warriors. Who, if not us? Men are strong, though they need our help. I am sure, that there are many women in Ukraine, who are able to support and help in such a great distress, though not everybody knows about this charity project.

Mariya Yermolenko (The FireFox)
Singer&composer, business analyst

It is horrible to lose faith in the future and think that the only prospective is to be in a wheelchair. I do wish that these men have a real chance for a better future.

I have supported this project from the very beginning, as long as I have known its organizers long ago and have me with doctors of Nodus clinic — they are highly professional and decent people.

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Photo: Alexandra Serafimovych
Аnastasiya Belous
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Source: «Я мама троих сыновей, и для меня этот проект не про войну, а про жизнь»: украинки о стремлении помочь бойцам

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