Жінки - героям України

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The war… For the last five years, many have become accustomed to this reality. News from the front-line seem to become just episodes, that people keep browsing.

But THEY stand there, propping the peaceful sky for us, protecting our smiling children. They are Heroes who sacrifice their health or life to stop the enemy. Some of them return home gravely injured. Our soldiers need our help.

We, Inna and Olesia, have a dream: to unite 300 women around values of helping the wounded in the war to recover as quickly as possible and return to active life.

Men protect us, let them be sure that we hold the rear for them!

300 women can help “raise to the feet” the most gravely injured warriors of Ukraine: do this by joining efforts and making personal donations! We need to raise funds and buy a unique robotic-assisted device in walking rehabilitation G-EO System Evolution (Switzerland).

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Using such a state-of-the-art equipment, it will be possible to expand the Nodus charity project and to restore the walking of 50+ warriors after severe brain (TBI) and spinal (SCI) injuries in a much shorter time within one year.

Restore walking with an individual “melody”, not just moving the legs on the surface!

Our goal is to raise a man from a wheelchair – to bring him mobility and independence back into everyday life! This miracle we can turn into reality for many injured Heroes in Ukraine!


Leave your comment, and we will provide you with ample information about our charitable initiative and the details for money transfer!

LET US TOGERHER raise the most gravely injured!

Support now - anyone can help
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