G-EO System Evolution запущено в клініці «Нодус»

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On February 18, 2021 a G-EO System Evolution robotic-assisted gait rehabilitation biofeedback device was successfully launched at Nodus clinic!

It is real a Victory, Success and Joy for all of us, the initiators and supporters of the Be powerful at 300 W(omen) Charity project! We have been moving forward, convincing, inspiring Hope, uniting efforts and contributions. Since April 4, 2019 the number of our charity initiative participants has been growing and spreading beyond Ukraine.

Companies have also started supporting the project of 300 W(omen). On September 10, 2020 “Kran” Charity Fund made an advance payment of Eur 100 000.

As of today 72 women in Ukraine and abroad and 8 companies gave their donations to make the Dream of many gravely traumatized warriors of Ukraine – to get on feet from a wheelchair and restore a natural walking, come true.

Olexandr Olenchuk, a 26-year old war veteran, that has been undergoing a specialized rehabilitation free of charge in the framework of the Nodus Charity project, has become the First Warrior who got to his feet from a wheelchair at G-EO System Evolution at Nodus.

This is an unforgettable moment! To get on feet from a wheelchair, to make a step… another step… and go! Tears in his mother’s eyes. Tears of joy in the eyes of those present at this event.

We did it Together! The device was launched and incorporated into rehabilitation system of the clinic. Severely wounded soldiers will be able to restore natural walking faster, using this advanced gait restoring technology in hands of talented and experienced Ukrainian medics at “Nodus” – the partner-clinic of “Kran” Charity Fund.

Our goal is to fundraise Eur 188 000 to make the balance payment for this equipment (the full cost is Eur 288 000) by the end of October 2022.

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We do NOT buy wheelchairs! We raise gravely wounded soldiers of Ukraine to their feet!

Support now - anyone can help
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